Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quilted Bottle cozy

Winter this year feels so long and cold for me. Can hardly wait for summer. I've already started to (slowly) make summer clothes for my daughter. I have planned project after project and all on the waiting list. The same with outdoor activities that I'm planning. Even though we are coming to the end of winter it's very cold some days especially if it's windy.  But when the sun sneaks out from behind the clouds it makes a big difference. I guess it will be a very hot summer this year.

To prevent my daughter from getting cold I always get her to put on extra clothes and make sure she is always drinking warm water. We bought a stainless steel bottle to keep her water warm but she complains that it's too hot on her hand. So I decided to make this quilted bottle cozy using some cute cupcakes fabric. I didn't use any pattern or instructions. Just guessed and measured the height of the bottle. Then I made the quilt, binding and attached the velcro to it and voila!