Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby / Toddler Bibs

I made this bib especially for my daughter as her usual bibs use velcro fastening. The velcro seemed to annoy her quite a lot. She would say "it's itchy on my neck mum". I started looking for different types of fasteners to use. I wanted something that is easy to take off and not too difficult to apply. I was browsing in my favorite craft store the other day and I found this snap lock fitting. That would be perfect for my project I thought!.

So I came up with the idea to make her bibs without binding but decorations around the edges with ric-rac. I traced the pattern from her original bibs and made it slightly larger to allow for the seam on the tracing paper.

For the fabric I began using some scraps until I was confident enough to use my favourite design fabrics. In the future I will try to make a tutorial about this. As long as you can sew a basic blanket you will find it easy peasy:) Of course you need to pay extra attention when you sew the ric-rac. My personal preference is a bigger size for the ric-rac so it's easier to sew around this kind of bib.

I love mixing polka dot fabrics to compliment my designer fabrics as they are so simple and match very easly.

IMG_9848 IMG_9835

Saturday, June 12, 2010

EliT Craft Sale & Crayon Roll review

Its mid year sale time at EliT Craft Shop

I have lots of items on sale right now including my Crayon Roll
The stylish crayon roll made from 100 % cotton with ribbon to tie it up or an elastic tie for tiny hands to easily close. Very cute and practical.
It keeps crayons organized and ready to create that perfect colouring palette.
Holds 12 crayons.Great as a gift!
The fabric is pre-washed and pressed with 12 good quality crayons included.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sewing Machine Apron

I was at the local library looking for some children's books when I stumbled on some crafty magazines in the corner. I wasn't really interested in them (I thought it was all about knitting, crossstich or croching etc.)

Anyway my daughter was browsing some childrens books by her self (she won't let me choose for her *sigh*) and I sat down near those magazines. When I started reading the cover I saw "Handmade Craft, Decorating, Sewing", and then I saw saw a tutorial about making a sewing machine apron. So I decided to borrow 3 of the magazines but I have only read this tutorial so far.

I'm not actually copying it exactly. I used more buttons for decorations on the pocket, added more ric rac and used less fabric. I used one large piece of fabric with iron on interfacing for the background and simple seam for the sides. I guess I can always modify this with more and bigger pockets, decorate with more buttons and ric rac, add an applique or even make the pocket just like those pocket organizers. I also attached some velcro to my sewing table and on the apron itself to keep it from falling down.

It's amazing how one idea can lead to another. Just set your mind free and let your creativity go wild! ha..ha...

Sewing Machine ApronSewing Machine Apron

Sewing Machine Apron

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls Apron and Pencil Pouch

It's cold and foggy this morning. The 3rd day of winter brrrr.... Staying home is the best option. Nice and warm, with a cup of tea and muffins. Hmmm... what a perfect combination.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the response of my dear friends to the opening of my EliT Craft shop. They are my FB friends and some close friends here and around my neighborhood. Thank you all for your comments and support. It's very dear to me. It's been a dream for me to open my own online shop.

Well, enough blabbering from me. Back to the main topic.
I actually made this apron a few months ago, before I started my blog. Once again I made it for my darling Ellyn, with a matching pencil pouch. I knew she would love it when I bought the fabric. It's kind of a thick fabric (curtain/ blind fabric. Available here)

She can hardly wait to wear it when I told her that I was going to make her an apron, and she said she would help me cook while she is wearing it!  *Oh nooo....* ^_^
Sorry, but this item is not (yet) available for sale.
I use my own original ideas and experience to create my products and sometimes I find an unexpected use for them. Like my daughters crayon bag. It's now my cosmetic bag!

Girls Apron

The pocket apron.IMG_8688


IMG_8707Pencil Case

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Launching Elit Craft Shop

"Yay! my shop has officially launched"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lined Pouch with handle

I have added some simple pouches to my online shop ( Opening soon...). I based them on a technique I learnt some time ago so they are slightly different from the current range. Sometimes I try to follow published techniques and other times I try to invent my own.  As for the price it's very reasonable.

I was trying to figure out how to make the pouch lining without the raw edges and I found quite a lot of information about that. So I gathered it all together and tried it. This is the result.

It looks like my other simple pouch but includes a handle and lining as I  mentioned earlier. I might give this pouch as a present to one of my crafty friends and surprise them!

It's not quite ready for displaying in my shop yet, but we'll see...