Monday, May 10, 2010

Library bag

Monday is my favorite day of the week, why? because only on Monday i have to stay at home with my daughter, so i can do my project, hehe... I'm so lucky being full time Mum, don't have to go to work ^_^.

This time i was started to arrange my (emergency) sewing table and stuff, when i saw my green and black polka dot fabric, so i decided to make a library bag, by looking at the picture from the book i borrow from the local library (Simple sewing by Lotta), i began to sew 2 different fabric into 1 bag, with my own measurement :P.

At that time my sewing table was our dinning table, i tried using my computer desk, but it was to low and hurt my bag and neck a lot!. So dinning table was my best option, even thou i need to pack it up again when i finished, which is a pain!.

 It's perfect for casual occasion, made from 100 % lightweight fabric, so i can was it over and over again when it's dirty :)

love the result!, couldn't believe i could make my own bag... ohh.. i don't know what to say but, it's really makes me happy.

I used Velcro for the closure, and added the pocket inside, next time i will make the lining as well.

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