Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls Apron and Pencil Pouch

It's cold and foggy this morning. The 3rd day of winter brrrr.... Staying home is the best option. Nice and warm, with a cup of tea and muffins. Hmmm... what a perfect combination.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the response of my dear friends to the opening of my EliT Craft shop. They are my FB friends and some close friends here and around my neighborhood. Thank you all for your comments and support. It's very dear to me. It's been a dream for me to open my own online shop.

Well, enough blabbering from me. Back to the main topic.
I actually made this apron a few months ago, before I started my blog. Once again I made it for my darling Ellyn, with a matching pencil pouch. I knew she would love it when I bought the fabric. It's kind of a thick fabric (curtain/ blind fabric. Available here)

She can hardly wait to wear it when I told her that I was going to make her an apron, and she said she would help me cook while she is wearing it!  *Oh nooo....* ^_^
Sorry, but this item is not (yet) available for sale.
I use my own original ideas and experience to create my products and sometimes I find an unexpected use for them. Like my daughters crayon bag. It's now my cosmetic bag!

Girls Apron

The pocket apron.IMG_8688


IMG_8707Pencil Case


  1. Hello Ti. Thank you for reading my blog. My girl likes the fabric you chose for the apron and pouch. You know, I've made the Stardust shoes too. And I like reversible bags - I think you do too. Jane P(Projects By Jane)