Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My February Show ..Yay.. it’s a wrap!.

Yay.. it’s a wrap!.

I have to admit that I am now addicted to the show ☺
At first I felt so nervous, self concsious and didn't know what to expect... but the other crafters and the handmade show team were very nice. Although I’m the only Asian I felt comfortable being there.

I definitely will apply for the next show on March 20. I remember very clearly what was the first item I sold. It was my giraffe softies/ rattle. The lady and her husband said the giraffe will make his journey all the way to UK! They bought it for a present. Well at least I put my EliT Craft brand on the giraffe with made in Australia written on it ☺.

Actually it turns out that it’s my best seller of the day followed by my rosette covered headband (made from fabric scraps), hair clips with little resins appliqué on it, and wrislet keyfob.

We were quite lucky with the weather that day because the night before was rainy and wet. It was a windy day but turned out to be nice and sunny! Even though we were indoors,  it seems people are usually lazy to go out when it’s rainy right?.

Some of my friends also came to visit ☺ (Thanks a lot to all of you for your coming! Means a lot to me). And a big thank you for my hubby for his help and support ☺
I took some of my stall pictures here.. enjoy

By the way you can have a look our handmade show team here too.

The person behind EliT Craft, yes it's me :)

See you again :)


  1. Hallo mbak,,salam kenal dr jogja ^^
    wah baru sadar trnyata mbak Indnesia y..aku kira asli Australi ^^ hihi..
    btw,,love ur craft, sangat menginspirasi!!

  2. Hi Sari, salam kenal juga yah...Thanks.. craftnya Sari juga lucu2 kok :)