Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Orange bag to brighten my winter blue

I think I'm suffering from the winter blues again lately and feel like I'm the laziest person in the world! Even though I still manage to do things around the house such as cooking, it's hard to get my butt on my workstation. (Computer and sewing table)

I have heaps of things to do on my computer including updating this blog, my kitchenfun blog and the hardest of all is to edit and upload all my craft and cooking pictures. There's a LOT of them! Some of my craft projects have been neglected too. I know I HAVE to get them going again, just have to find the right time and wishing that I have a whole day to do my own thing :P

Anyway, I have something beautiful to show you all.

I made this bag especially for myself. Making and using my own brand? Why not. he..he.. I'm not crazy about branded stuff anymore, hence I'm able to sew lots of things and best of all I made the pattern myself. So it's unique and no one has the same one as mine :)
I chose Amy Butler fabric, I love it!.

I was going to put zipper pocket inside but changed my mind. I thought a simple pocket would be more convenient as long as it has a nice lining and snap closure. I'm pretty happy with the result. I forgot how long I took to make this bag but at least I didn't spend the whole day ^_^

My daughter was jealous of my bag, so I made a chidren's version from the same pattern but a different fabric. The only difference is the handle length (longer) and the bag is a bit smaller. (See the picture).

See the difference?


  1. bagus 2-2nya.... Mbak, kenapa ga bikin dgn motif yg sama? (modelnya kan memang sedikit beda) jd anak-ibu kembaran...hihihhihihii...
    GOOD WORK!!!! aku sukaaaa....

  2. Thanks Pur, the main thing is because fabric-nya gak cukup buat bikin 2, hihi.. aku cuma punya 1/2 yard, lagipula Ellyn gabakalan mau pake itu tas kemana2 :)

  3. ayo mbak posting lg yg banyak..karya2nya sweet2 smuaa :)

  4. lutju tas nya....
    motif kainnya yg polkadot abu sukaa...


  5. Both are beautiful Bags. Im loving orange at the moment too.

  6. @Puri: hehe.. makasih pur.
    @Dita: Thanks ya, sayang itu fabric ga ada lagi di tokonya.
    @Leah: hi Thank you :)

  7. ketemu blog kamu secara kebetulan, nice orange bag dgn motif lotus - amy butler. Saya juga baru belajar menjahit tapi masih belum semahir kamu. Kalau boleh tahu dimana kamu bikin label dan juga karton untuk jepitan rambut seperti itu. terima kasih.